Just because you care, I know U do

Imagine yourself in front of Toms old run down shut down grill and donut shack where theres nothing but a little donation bucket on the door step. lets get some coin and get back to the real Tommy. The Tommy who's boots are big enough to really make em shake.

Donate Please

The Toms Grill Restaurant Website is Forsale but meanwhile we are still taking donations from lovelty people like yourself. The ones who donate who give, who send even a dolla or .50 or some foreign token. Just click and send a gift we might just make this happen.

sales AT greatwebsite .BIZ

We are offering the toms grill site forsale to the persons of interest. Please contact us for further discussion, we can outright sell or lease or help maintain and market for you. Our specialty is technical but we love good food so dont be shy lets help get Tom the website he needs to get his business rocking and his food on the map.

This is how we do it.